Heroes & Gods : The Master of Dreams

The Elisar

Patron Gods : Silkior, Odana

Location : N-N-W of the Realm

The Elisar are just, kind and they cherish life above all else. They have the support of Odana and Silkior and they are masters of healing, restoration and resurrection. It is said that after the battle of Hadar-Ath, Silkior himself descended and reorganized the armies of the Elisar. They are the first line of defense against Darva, death in flesh and bones, the rogue guardian of the Makers.

The Takan

Patron Gods : Beothan, Ognarri, Na'Rog

Location : Southern Islands of the Realm

Beothan the explorer fell in love with Ognarri the twin sister of Na'Rog, the God of perpetual Strength. During the first conflict of the Gods the three of them embarked on Beothan's chariot and descended on the lower planes to study the work of the Makers. Here they have found two races that they will soon forge into one. The mighty explorers of Takan, fierce warriors and skilled explorers they are the ones leading the expansion of the Realm.

The Aedolas

Patron Gods : Drikka, Wahir, Sviga, Zorisai, Farea

Location : Center of the known Realm

The keepers of knowledge, the masters of the elements the Aedolas are renown throughout the Realm for their ability to make water, fire, wind and earth do their bidding. Their glorious and unique city, Aada Korith is where they all live together. Their young are held in deep trance to learn the mastery and manipulation of elements while sleeping, that is why children can never be seen playing on the marble paved streets of Aada Korith.

The Basharii

Patron Gods : Yadomir, Kotessa, Mar'ul, Eikindu, Osimath

Location : N-N-E of the Realm

The blood magic flows through them. A gift from Yadomir the blood master. Learning how to harvest the essence of life and being corrupted by its power Yadomir turned against the Makers. He recruited other lesser Gods and with their help they chose the most vile race from the lower planes and nurtured them with knowledge and fear to maturity. The Basharii are ruthless warriors and bloodmages. Unforgiving creatures, they drain the life out of their enemies.